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Wedding at the La Presa wine estate in Caprino Veronese

Aggiornamento: 25 ott 2023

Today I want to share with you an extraordinary experience, an unforgettable wedding photo shoot at the Tenuta Vinicola La Presa in Caprino Veronese. From the first moments, I understood that it would be a special day, full of romance and beauty. The bride's preparation was a moment of pure elegance and intimacy, while her smile reflected the joy of this unique day. The emotion was palpable in the air as the time for the ceremony approached. And what a ceremony! The internal courtyard of the estate was transformed into an enchanting flower garden, with a floral arch that was the backdrop to an unforgettable ritual. The spouses exchanged promises of love under that paradise of petals, while moved relatives and friends accompanied them on this journey towards eternity. The beauty of the estate, with its rows of vines made every shot a work of art. The spouses let themselves be captured by the magic of the environment, giving moments of tenderness and passion. The festive atmosphere reached its peak during the party, where the elegant table and happy smiles completed the picture of this dream day.

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