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Wedding Photographic Service on Lake Garda - Fabio Faccioli Wedding Photographer


Are you looking for a wedding photoshoot on Lake Garda? Trust Fabio Faccioli, a photographer specializing in weddings, to capture the most precious moments of your big day.

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My background comes from travel and street photography, I am used to the utmost discretion and transparency and have refined a technique that allows me to capture suggestive moments without being observed.
No matter if it is a wedding , engagement or portrait, my approach is always the same, trying to impress unique moments of emotion through the lens.


Why did I choose portrait and wedding photography? Because I love socializing and getting in touch with people, being part of their lives for a while, feeling emotions on my skin, feelings and translating everything into my images.
Making people comfortable and not making me feel like an intruder is very important to me and so I try to establish a relationship of friendship and respect.
Contact me, my studio is located in Peschiera del Garda.

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engagement photographer


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I'm always looking for the most spontaneous moments of your wedding day, instead of photographs  monotonous and obvious, I let emotions guide my shots. My camera chases smiles, emotions  and the most touching moments.


Playing with reflections, looking for different and original perspectives, to make your photo shoot unique and never predictable, creating art with your images.


A careful look at the preparation and make-up of the bride, one of the moments in which they   can perceive the emotions of waiting for the wedding. Looking in the mirror, wearing the wedding dress, she finally realizes that the longed-for time to get married has come