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a photo shoot that captures your emotions.

Hallo! My name is Fabio Faccioli,  an artistic photographer for wedding and portrait, if you want to try unconventional shots, different perspectives and a bit more art, maybe I'm the photographer you're looking for.
The most beautiful locations of Lake Garda, will be the backdrop to unique, spontaneous photos.

... capture moments of light to extrapolate their essence and soul ...

I love natural and candid photos, spontaneous smiles and expressions.
I don't try to recreate fake and unnatural elements, photographing means exposing the exceptional beauty and uniqueness of what is happening.
During the photo shoot  I try to be as discreet as possible so as not to disturb the intimacy, I prefer the use of ambient light than the flash.
My camera will freeze moments and expressions trying to capture the magic and intensity of the emotions of the wedding.
Fabio Faccioli, Lake Garda wedding photographer
Rely on a professional photographer who is able to transform your emotions into images.
Your wedding day must first of all be a day that must be lived with joy. my photo shoot will never be heavy or with forced poses but a relaxed natural friendly photoshoot.


I am always looking for the most spontaneous moments of your wedding day, instead of photographs  monotonous and obvious, I let emotions guide my shots. My camera chases smiles, feelings  and the most touching moments.


Playing with reflections, looking for different and original perspectives, to make your photo shoot unique and never predictable, creating art with your images.