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Photoshoot in Sirmione, Malcesine, Peschiera del Garda, Isola del Garda

I am a professional wedding photographer based in Sirmione, Italy. I specialize in capturing the most important moments of your life through my lens. I love to capture the beauty of nature and the people around me. I want to share these moments with you so that you will always remember them.
wedding at Lake Garda
Wedding photography is a very personal and intimate experience. It is not only about capturing beautiful images, but also about creating memories that will last forever. The photographer should be able to create a connection between the couple and the viewer, so that both parties feel comfortable and relaxed during the session.


I'm always looking for the most spontaneous moments of your wedding day, instead of monotonous and obvious photographs, I let emotions guide my shots. My camera tracks smiles, emotions and the most touching moments.


Playing with reflections, looking for different perspectives, to make your photo shoot unique and not obvious, creating artistic creations with your images.


A careful look at the preparation and make-up of the bride, one of the moments in which you can perceive the emotions of waiting for the wedding. Looking in the mirror wearing the wedding dress and finally we understand that the longed-for time to get married has come.


It is said that sometimes it is the detail that makes the difference .. small but significant details highlighted.