The symbolic ceremony was born as a valid alternative to the classic religious or civil rite and is increasingly in demand in Italy ..
Symbolic marriage is suitable for those who dream of an outdoor ritual. Lake Garda with its wonderful mountains, natural parks, breathtaking landscapes is an ideal location for those who love nature and unspoiled landscapes and for those who dream of an enchanted place where to set an unforgettable ritual. Everything can be achieved thanks to the symbolic ceremony.
They can be customised according to the needs and tastes of customers. we have a variety of rituals from the Celtic to the four elements of nature, from the rite of fire to the druid or simply a simple outdoor wedding in contact with nature.

My background comes from travel and street photography, I am used to the utmost discretion and transparency and have refined a technique that allows me to capture suggestive moments without being observed.
No matter if it is a marriage , engagement or maternity, my approach is always the same, trying to impress unique moments of emotion through the lens.
Why did I choose portrait and marriage photography? Because I love socializing and getting in touch with people, being part of their lives for a while, feeling emotions on my skin, feelings and translating everything into my images.
Making people comfortable and not making me feel like an intruder is very important to me and so I try to establish a relationship of friendship and respect.
Contact me, my studio is located in Peschiera del Garda.


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